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12x28 Corner Porch Cabin



We are proud to provide the highest quality storage buildings.

Our storage buildings are designed and built to meet the highest building standards and meet or exceed all federal and state specifications. 

We ensure that we deliver consistent high quality sheds. Our Plant Managers and Quality Control Personnel take responsibility for ensuring effective quality management on every building we construct. 

It is our desire that the purchase of your storage building not only provides a place of cost-effective and convenient storage, but also enhances the landscape and adds real value to your property for years to come.  We have a huge variety of buildings! Ranging from an 8x12 Garden Shed for storage to a 14x40 Cabin that can be easily converted in to anything you can imagine. 

We don't just sell a storage building but a storage solution! 


                      500+ Metal Building Types

We provide a wide range of metal buildings and steel structures that are attractive, rugged, affordable, and completely customizable. They make great garages, barns, workshops, commercial buildings, and more. Typically, the price of the metal buildings we offer starts from $2,913 for a 12x20 vertical roof carport, but can range widely according to steel building size, customization options, and installation location. The best way to get an accurate price quote is by simply giving one of our building specialists a call today at (843) 879-8069.

We offer a full palette of colors to choose from for the metal roofing, side paneling, and trim; you can mix and match any way you like. We work with you to design individual metal building kits to suit your exact needs and preferences. Learn more about our building kits, plans, & prices, and see photos of our popular carports, metal garages, workshops, warehouses, barndominiums & metal building homes, storage buildings, and commercial buildings.

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